When Good Parenting is Following Your Own Ambitions

Two years ago this week I started my own firm and became a business owner. I always had an entrepreneur’s mindset and had wanted to be a business owner. I was working for a great firm and had learned a lot there, but I had my own ideas of how I wanted to do things [...]

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Book Review: Coventry Edwards-Pitt’s “Raised Healthy, Wealthy & Wise”

As parents, our goal is to raise children that will grow up to be happy, productive adults. This is a difficult task and we often are unsure if what we are doing is right for years to come.  For families with high income or significant wealth, it can be even more challenging. The easy thing [...]

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6 Questions About 529 Plans

What parents need to know about saving for college   If you’re saving for your child’s higher education, you probably have a lot of questions besides “When did college get so incredibly expensive?” One popular savings tool that might puzzle you the most is the 529 Plan. Started in the late 1980s and operated by [...]

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