Who doesn’t want to save money? No one! Many of us take medications on a regular basis and trust that our health insurance is providing the best cost for these drugs, especially considering the high premiums we pay, but that is not the case. I recently learned of a way to save money on your prescriptions that I wanted to share with you.

GoodRx is a free mobile app and website that helps Americans save millions of dollars every month by finding them the lowest prescription prices at their local pharmacies.

I was recently prescribed a generic medication and was shocked when the cost to have it filled was $62.10 at my local CVS.  This was for a 90-day supply, but it still seemed extremely high.  I did question the cost and was told by the pharmacist that this was the patient responsibility after insurance paid its portion. I paid and left with my prescription.

As I was in the car, I remembered someone telling me about GoodRx.  I googled it and entered the details of the prescription that I had just filled into its search and it gave me a price of $18.10 for the same medication at the same CVS, a difference of $44.

I went back into the pharmacist and showed the coupon on my phone.  They quickly did a return and I re-bought the prescription at the lower cost.  I found it irritating that they did not mention GoodRx as a way to lower my cost when I questioned it in the first place. The bottom line is that you need to be your own advocate.

I have now used GoodRx a few times and have saved more and more.  GoodRx is a free service and open to all.  You enter in your prescription details (name of medication, dosage amount, the daily supply) and your zip code.  It will give you the cost of the medication at all the surrounding pharmacies.  You then would select which pharmacy you want to use and have the option of sending the coupon directly to them or having it sent to you phone which you would then just show them when you are picking it up.