Melinda Davis

Mateo Connelly


I am an Intern here at Davis Wealth Advisors. I live on an organic farm in central New Hampshire, where I’ve been tending to cattle, chickens, pigs, and an occasional goat or donkey for over nine years. Often, I’ll help my father bring grain out to pigs, split and stack wood, and collect the chicken’s eggs. My family’s farm, Field to Fork Farm, was founded in 2005, when the Organic and “Locavore” movements were in their infancy. My parents had just returned from their three-year stay in South Africa. Years prior my father used the money he had earned from stock brokering in New York and Chicago to pay for degrees in public health for he and my mother. They then moved to Johannesburg, South Africa, to lead research on the preventing and treating the pervasive and deadly Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).

As the son of parents who lead unconventional lives, I believe wholeheartedly in Davis Wealth Advisor’s mission to not just manage wealth but to build and plan a desired lifestyle for its clients. As a farmer, I also believe in our mission to provide sustainable portfolios to our clients, by offering investments in organizations and businesses that promote the health of our local and global ecosystem.

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