Happy Families Share Traditions and Stories

In the last year and a half, as I have spent more time with family members due to illnesses, I realized there were so many stories I had never heard. It prompted me to start asking more questions when we were together, like what are some of your favorite childhood memories and what traditions did [...]

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When Good Parenting is Following Your Own Ambitions

Two years ago this week I started my own firm and became a business owner. I always had an entrepreneur’s mindset and had wanted to be a business owner. I was working for a great firm and had learned a lot there, but I had my own ideas of how I wanted to do things [...]

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True Wealth is Having Financial Well-Being

Creating financial well-being is simple, but that doesn’t mean it is easy. The hardest part of it is controlling our emotions. Financial well-being is about having the freedom to make choices that allow us to enjoy life, having control over our finances, and having the ability to absorb financial shocks. It is not about being [...]

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Achieving Your Goals in 2018

“The key is not to prioritize what is on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” - Steven Covey We rarely control everything in our lives, but often we have more control than we realize. We are at the beginning of 2018. It is a time when we create New Year’s resolutions for ourselves and reflect [...]

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Some Easy Tools to Help Prioritize

We often think new year's day is when we should set new goals for ourselves. However, there is no better time than the present to begin something that is important to you.  I have been working hard at making very purposeful decisions for a while now, both personally and professionally. It energizes me to [...]

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Purpose Drives Financial & Life Satisfaction

Do you desire to be rich?  The word “rich” can be defined as possessing great material wealth, and it can also be defined as that which is “abundant, meaningful, and significant.”  Therefore, what kind of wealth do you desire the most?  Do you want to experience a life of riches or a rich life? [...]

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Defining Your Legacy of Values

How do middle-age and older adults currently define “leaving a legacy”?  This was the central question of a recent study that examined the attitudes, hopes, and concerns of baby boomers and their elders (Allianz American Legacies Pulse Survey, 2012). A key finding was that these two generations view legacies as being much more than [...]

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The Questions We Ask Ourselves

Most of us realize how important questions are in our daily interactions—it seems we are continually either asking a question or responding to a question.  But, what we are less aware of are the questions that we continually ask ourselves. Our internal dialogue exists so automatically that we are barely aware it is happening.  [...]

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