October Market Commentary: A New Era for the Economy Creates Uncertainty

The outcome of the Fed's meeting in September was to hold rates at the current level. It has been described as a "hawkish pause," and the Fed was clear in post-meeting remarks and statements that one more increase is still possible in 2023.

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January Market Commentary

Inflation is dropping, if slowly. Employment is lower, but strong, which is supportive of the economy, and GDP returned to positive. What’s causing the volatility? Many factors are in play, but arguably the largest is the Federal Reserve’s moves on interest rates, and the messaging from Chairman Powell and the Fed Governors.

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Are I Bonds Right for You?

We have received many questions regarding I bonds this year, and for good reason. They are likely a good option for cash you have set aside and don't need for at least a year. What are I Bonds? I Bonds are a series of bond issued by the United States Treasury, with an interest rate [...]

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Proposed Tax Provisions in Budget Bill

Mid-September, Democrats and the House Ways and Means Committee released their proposed tax changes in the budget reconciliation bill known as the “Build America Back Better” act. This legislation will now be debated in Congress, and I expect we will see changes before it is finalized. Here is a summary: The top marginal tax rate [...]

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4 Ways to Prioritize Your Health Today—to Live a Richer Life Tomorrow

This guest post is by Kim Dorval, RD, LD, CEO of Nutrition in Motion, a national network of experienced Registered Dietitians (RDs). Nutrition in Motion is dedicated to changing lives by educating, motivating, and supporting people in achieving their individual health goals. My father was a self-employed, self-made millionaire. He ran his own insurance agency, [...]

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