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The Roth-Only Catch-Up Contribution Rule Will Get Time to Catch Up

The SECURE 2.0 Act, which was passed in December 2022, made a significant change to the IRS catch-up contribution rules. The catch-up contribution allows those aged 50 and above to contribute an additional $7,500 to an employer-sponsored pre-tax retirement plan.

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October Market Commentary: A New Era for the Economy Creates Uncertainty

The outcome of the Fed's meeting in September was to hold rates at the current level. It has been described as a "hawkish pause," and the Fed was clear in post-meeting remarks and statements that one more increase is still possible in 2023.

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When is the best time to invest?

Stephanie Griebel has taken a few minutes to record a video that highlights actual average returns investors would have experienced from 1926-2022 when investing at a new market high verses when the market has had a 10% decline. This provides some perspective around long-term investing success. We find most people never get the [...]

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July Market Commentary

June Recap and July Outlook The Fed finally hit "pause" on interest rate increases in June after fifteen months and ten consecutive rate hikes. The "dot-plot" indicated that Fed officials think two further increases may be necessary in 2023, and it’s become clear that it is only a brief pause. “Hawkish pause” is the way [...]

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January Market Commentary

Inflation is dropping, if slowly. Employment is lower, but strong, which is supportive of the economy, and GDP returned to positive. What’s causing the volatility? Many factors are in play, but arguably the largest is the Federal Reserve’s moves on interest rates, and the messaging from Chairman Powell and the Fed Governors.

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