The Roth-Only Catch-Up Contribution Rule Will Get Time to Catch Up

The SECURE 2.0 Act, which was passed in December 2022, made a significant change to the IRS catch-up contribution rules. The catch-up contribution allows those aged 50 and above to contribute an additional $7,500 to an employer-sponsored pre-tax retirement plan.

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October Market Commentary: A New Era for the Economy Creates Uncertainty

The outcome of the Fed's meeting in September was to hold rates at the current level. It has been described as a "hawkish pause," and the Fed was clear in post-meeting remarks and statements that one more increase is still possible in 2023.

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When is the best time to invest?

Stephanie Griebel has taken a few minutes to record a video that highlights actual average returns investors would have experienced from 1926-2022 when investing at a new market high verses when the market has had a 10% decline. This provides some perspective around long-term investing success. We find most people never get the [...]

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