1.  Make a list of who you want to spend time with and schedule those dates now.

2.  Only take out the decorations that you LOVE. What you don’t take out, you don’t have to put back.

3.  Don’t be afraid to say no. Stick to the things that are most important to you to keep from feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. This will also help with being more present for the meaningful stuff.

4.  Pick one go-to recipe that you will bring to gatherings. It will be quicker and less stressful to make something familiar.

5.  Purchase hostess gifts now so you have things on hand if you get invited unexpectedly. It is easy to buy a case of wine and some nice bags and have them on hand.

6.  Try ordering groceries to save on time (unless grocery shopping relaxes you). There are plenty of order ahead and pick up, as well as delivery services.

7.  Have a “Yes” day, when you don’t worry about getting things done and say Yes to whatever your kids want to do.