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A Personal Legacy Letter: What I Want My Loved Ones To Know

In this age of on-the-fly communication (e-mail, instant messages, voice mail) do you ever wish for a way to stop the rush and to put into writing all that is important to communicate to those you care about the most?  In this age of instant-this and throwaway-that, do you ever worry that what is [...]

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Values-Based Retirement Planning

In the past, the transition to retirement has been viewed solely as an economic event. As a result, the focus of retirement planning has primarily been on building a nest egg. In The Late-Start Investor, author John Wasik recommends discarding this obsolete view in favor of a “flexible life plan that provides for financial, [...]

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Retirement Expectations

Retirement will trigger changes in every area of your life. As you anticipate and prepare for this stage of life, you are likely to look forward to certain changes and to dread others. In fact, it is not uncommon for individuals to experience many ambivalent feelings towards retirement because of the significant transitions they [...]

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